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This post is the line in the sand, the innaugural introduction, the “hello from us” maybe in today’s world and from some flash well funded start up it would be termed a “mission statement” or more likely a “Mannifesto”

Well whatever it is, this first post is going to delve into us, what we do and most importantly what we can do for you our amazing customers.

Our journey didn’t really start with the goal of creating Sell It For, we just started out buying and selling items to make a £ on the side, then as the word got around of our exploits and the type of stuff we where selling, such as old stereo equipment, VHS players and Roller Skates! People became intrigued by how we where selling items they possibly classed as “junk” for a profit and that our customers where over the moon with their purchases.

As the conversations developed they often started talking about the stuff they had lying around their houses that they ‘really should get around to selling’ a few even started saying “maybe I should get you to come round and see if what we have is worth anything”

Well the more of these conversations we had the more the idea emerged to start a service that helped people de-clutter their homes and make some money from items they have long forgotten about without having to lift a finger.

So this is what we do, we usually (but not always) go around to our customers homes and take the stuff they no longer need and sell it for them, because we’ve become so good at the nuances of how to sell stuff online we often can get a better price than they would of themselves and most importantly we do all the hard work…

  • Collecting from you
  • Cleaning (if needed)
  • Research into the likely value
  • Creating listings
  • Interacting wit buyers
  • Packaging and posting (when sold)

I’m sure there’s even more steps that could be added to this list but I think you get the picture, there’s quite a bit of effort involved in getting your stuff sold on sites such as Ebay or Amazon and probably is the reason most of that stuff still sits in our homes waiting for that magical time in the future when we can “get around to it”.

Because this is now all we do we’re able to get this all systemised and it happens like clockwork all you have to do is contact us to arrange a pick up, then we take care of the rest and once your items are sold we give you the lions share of the profits 51% to be exact.

The type of goods we have sold up to now is getting longer but the main type of items we all have lying around our homes that could have value are things like books, electricals – old stereo’s, VHS players, Computer and gaming equipment, sports equipment etc etc.

We’ve sold quite a bit of vintage stereo equipment all over the world, recently we sent a 1970’s/80’s National Panasonic record player to Florida, USA. There’s a demand for old equipment like this, generally it was very well made and retains an timeless style.

There’s even a market for items such as this that are broken, another item we recently sent over seas was a 1970’s Bang and Olufson Beomaster 4000 Stereo Tuner and Amplifier (incase you’re interested in the exacts)
This item went to a happy buyer in Finland but it wasn’t working, the power supply was blowing fuses. However the buyer was happy with this and was keen to repair it and give it a new lease of life. So don’t disregard your stuff because it’s either broken or not in the best condition. There maybe someone out there looking for it.

Beomaster 4000 stereo amplifier